Sufi Dhol Player

Pakistan's First Female Dhol Player

Horeya Asmat has earned fame and appreciation by becoming the first female dhol player at the age of 22 years old and student of Gunga sain and Mithu sain. She settled a trend in Pakistan for females to play dhol. A sufi female dholi took her art from Darbar of Baba Shah jamal to international stage.She devotes herself for dhol and became a Malang fakeer from well settled family. She used to play sufi naubat on various darabar of Awliya Karramas on their melas and festivities of chiragaan (illumination).She has been performing this art for the past 5 years. She now runs her own institute of this epic art for upcoming female Dhol players.She is also an activist for women's rights.
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Pakistan’s First Female Dholi
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